New 360 Plastic Trolley

We have prototypes in the office of the brand new 360 Plastic trolley from Araven the makers of the very popular Shop & Roll trolley baskets. We love this trolley and think it has so many retail environments that it is perfect for.

The Loop 100 is their new innovation it is a trolley but like no other plastic trolley on the market. Launched at EuroShop2014 by Araven we are getting a great response from our customers who we have shown the prototype to. We are hoping that it won’t be long until we have them in stock in the UK.

We will soon have some information on our website about it but in the meantime if you are interested we would be happy to send you some literature. please call us on 01865 858590 or email


Roll Cages - back in stock


We now have a supply again of refurbished 4 sided roll cages with a shelf. They are fully refurbished by our experienced maintenance team. We even have them re-plated so they look shiny and new.

Do call us on 01865 858590 or email with your requirements so we can provide you with a quote.

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Second Hand Shopping Baskets

We have had 300 24L black plastic hand baskets out on loan to a department store for 5 weeks they are now back with us and have been checked over for dirt and damage, neither can be found. They are as new but as they have been in a retail space we can not sell them as new of course. So the second hand black plastic shopping baskets are waiting in our warehouse for a retailer looking for a bargain. They are priced at £2.50 each (£4.60 Standard New price) and then we can offer volume discounts from there depending on how many you want to order.

Call us on 01865 858590 and grab some of this limited quantity bargain.

Picking and Distribution Trolleys

We have bought in a load of ex-supermarket Internet Order Picking Trolleys as we are getting more and more picking equipment requests from our customers. We fully refurbish these trolleys and they are 6 brand new tote boxes. You can purchase extra tote boxes so 12 orders can be picked.

For distribution other customers have purchase shallow trolleys such as our 80 litre light trolley or a flat bed stock trolley.

We have refurbished and second hand options so we can cater for all budgets. Having our own maintenance team we have also been able to modify our picking trolley for one customer to perfectly fulfill their needs.

We also have stack and nest re-useable distribution trays. We have two sizes and four colours available in stock today.

Finally we have refurbished cages available for distribution. We have 4 sided with a shelf in stock currently but this can change daily depending on orders and what we get in to refurbish. We can order new cages to be manufactured to order.

Give us a call on 01865 858590 to discuss your order picking requirements and we will work with you to find the right solution for your picking process.

Roll Cages - back in stock

We now have a supply again of second hand and refurbished 3 and 4 sided roll cages. We have standard sizes plus slimmer milk dolly sized cages available.

Do call us on 01865 858590 or email with your requirements so we can provide you with a quote.

Formbar’s Childrens Trolleys endorsed

Article in The Grocer 09/11/2013 page 13

Nisa retailer introduces kids’ trolleys

Nisa retailer Kishor Patel, who operates six stores in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, has introduced kids’ trolleys at his Houghton Regis store.

Patel said the trolleys, introduced last week, help create a “fun shopping experience” and encouraged parents to return to the store, ultimately boosting sales.

The trolleys have been such a hit with local shoppers that he plans to roll out the initiative to all his stores by Christmas”

As the Nisa supplier of these 25 litre children’s trolleys along with all their other wire shopping trolleys hand baskets and trolley baskets we are extremely pleased that Mr Patel has recognised that the investment he made in purchasing these trolleys ultimately will boost his sales.

Click here for Children’s Trolleys on the Formbar Website

Hardly Used 240 Litre Marsanz Shopping Trolleys - Big Discount

A large European supermarket have replaced their wire trolleys with the new polysteel range from Marsanz despite having had over a thousand new 240 litre extra large Marsanz supermarket trolleys delivered just a few months before. We now have some of these in stock in the UK ready to despatch. They look new, no scratches on them have been spotted and we are able to sell them at a much reduced rate to the usual new price on our large trolleys.

If you are interested do please call our expert sales team on 01865 858590 or email

240 L trolley specification


Buying Shopping Trolleys Consider: Customer Demographic

This is the first in the series, you can see a round up of the 10 points to consider in a previous post.

When considering what shopping trolleys to buy for your retail environment the first thing to consider is who shops in your store? who will want to use a trolley?

Reasons why customers use a trolley:

1) They know they want to do a big shop when entering the store and they will fill a basket so they select a trolley. Any trolley is right for this customer they are just looking for as bigger capacity as possible.

2) They have difficulty carrying a basket even with a few items in it. These people maybe elderly or disabled. A trolley can then be a useful walking aid to use around the store, in order for this to be safe the trolley must be extremely stable when pressure is put on the handle.

Shoppers with limited movement can also find the shallow trolleys much easier to use as they do not have to bend low to retrieve items from the trolley at the checkout.

If customers use wheelchairs a special disabled shopping trolley which attaches to the chair maybe a worthwhile investment.

3) They have children with them who are easier to entertain when securely sitting in a baby seat. They are raised up so easier to converse with and they are not tempted to run around the store disrupting other shoppers. It is well known that parents shop where they know there are suitable trolleys for their children. So by offering a few trolleys from our family range can be a real boost.

The best idea is always to ask your customers, do some free market research at the till before purchasing shopping trolleys.

For more points you need to consider before purchasing trolleys please view more of our blogs.

10 points to consider when purchasing Supermarket Shopping Trolleys

Shopping Trolleys are expensive items to buy for retailers but essential for their customers, stores that put in trolleys for the first time see an increase in sales as they have given their customers the ability to purchase more goods than they could ever of fitted in a basket.

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right trolley for the retail environment and we have planned a series of blogs covering the main points of consideration:

1) Demographic of customers
2) Width of the aisles in the store, turning areas and space at the checkout
3) Stability and Capacity of the trolley
4) Area for storage when not in use
5) Mix of trolley types required
6) Quality of the manufacture
7) New vs Refurbished
8) Wire vs Plastic construction
9) Security and retention of trolley fleet
10) Handle branding and colour options